ORGANIC4GREENS INC., is a Company promoting feasible and  high performance natural materials such as registered growth media, inoculums, Kelp extracts, Soybean extracts among others; for the use in both organic and conventional farming for their nutrient value, ease of application and soil regenerating properties.


Our vast selection of products are a great choice for indoor plants, gardens, lawns, greenhouses, nurseries farming, soil regeneration and sport fields maintenance.


Since our establishment, ORGANIC4GREENS INC., visualized the future by developing products that are natural, environmental friendly and perfect for mixing in any sprayer or irrigation systems. They can be used for foliar feeding, fertigation, drip irrigation, hydroponics and aquaponics.


We believe in developing and providing products that are environmentally friendly and cost effective.


Thanks to the support of our strategic partners and our customers and the local communities, we have consolidated our position as a developer and innovator in the agricultural industries, due to our capabilities in the areas of quality control of raw materials, engineering, and management in the agricultural sectors.


Mission and Vision

In ORGANIC 4 GREENS, we share the same vision of responsibility for the environment and care for the communities and customers of the countries where we operate.

Our Offices

Head Office - Canada

The sales, post sales and the technical service is  located in Markham, Canada, where our offices and warehouse is located.

Over the years of our experience in the practical application of materials across various projects in the sectors where sustainability is needed; experiencing to get in touch with local communities to represent a first step for a real change.

Presence in other territories

In order to ensure customer satisfaction and reliability in the specifications of our products, we also have offices in other territories where our supply chain, quality control, product testing, international sales,  is located


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55 Valleywood Drive L3R 5L9, Markham, Ontario, Canada.


Phone: +1 416.238.6638    Fax: +1 905.475.2303


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