We define experimentation as a process of discovery, hypothesis testing, or demonstration. We consider this to be the key to ensure that our products can bring  efficiency, cost benefits and better outputs in the short, medium and long term to households, farmers, corporations and environment.


For this reason every product that we offer has been tested in reliable laboratories and in different customer lands.


In this section you might find a collection of information, statistics, reports, and pictures based on the main four testing result categories which is translational, structural, metric, and temporal.

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ORGANIC 4 GREENS INC., is a company that promotes feasible and high performance natural materials for the use in different areas, such as gardening, forestry, soil regeneration, land restoration, greenhouses , nurseries, and maintenance of sports fields.

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Experimental Basis.

Demonstration Crops: Rice.


Demonstration Place: Suzhou, Anhui Province, Linyi, Shandong Province, China.


Applied Fertilizer: Kelp Granular Fertilizer + Kelp Extract Powder + Root Promoter


Observation: Comparing to the contrast group, rice treated with kelp based fertilizer has strengthen tilling ability , flourishing root and glossy green leaves, enhance resistance to disease.


Quality and Productivity was improved by 20%.

Experimental Basis.

Demonstration Crops: Wheat.


Demonstration Place: Cangzhou, Hebei Province, and Shangqiu, Henan Province, China.


Applied Fertilizer: Kelp Granular Fertilizer + Kelp Extract Powder


Observation: Treated wheat exhibited orderly, full and healthy seedling, flourishing root and glossy green leaves, strengthened tilling ability. Jointed earlier when revived and without premature aging. Grains were plump-eared, with good quality and high production.

Experimental Basis.

Demonstration Crops: Corn


Demonstration Place: Northeast Region, China


Applied Fertilizer: Kelp Granular Fertilizer + Root Promoter


Observation: Treated corns grown with flourishing root , denser green leaves, produced desirable kernels, resistance to lodging, diseases and premature senescence.


Yield increased by 32%.


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