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ORGANIC4GREENS INC., is a company that promotes feasible and high performance natural materials for the use in different areas, such as agriculture, gardening, forestry, soil regeneration, land restoration, greenhouses , nurseries, and maintenance of sports fields.

Social responsibility is a commitment and a challenge for our company. As the care for the environment becomes a common goal for all nations. Applying synthetic chemicals in farming or other agricultural practices is a way of accelerating and increasing production, but it deteriorates the soil and water in the long run.


Our company focuses on producing environmental materials, which consist of 100% organic growth media, fertilizers, mycorrhizae and inoculum that do not have negative impact on the environment.


In Ecuador, South America, we are  by harvesting water hyacinths and cleaning the surface of the largest national water reservoirs. Water hyacinth is well known for its capacity of having a reproduction growth of 10% per year. The accelerated proliferation of the plant in some protected natural water reservoirs is a problem due that interferes with the water navigation systems, potable water supply for communities, irrigation systems, and activities of hydro power plants in the areas.


There is a lot of work to be done if we want to contribute to our environment. Supporting local communities is a way of mitigating some local problems, but it is not enough.


Getting in touch with a conscientious community is a way to start developing activities that can use our resources and time to promote sustainability.  We can all fully utilize organic growth media and fertilizers to add green space to our homes and cities, making for all of us a better place to live..


It’s a hard challenge, but we can all make a change, from our schools, from our workspace, from our homes.


The change starts now!


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Generating information for the benefit of our customers is a goal of our technical department and employees who are always working to keep in touch with our greens community that shares our thoughts and economical and environmental goals.

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A complete guide to growing

Are you wondering which plant or rose can be grown in your garden? Do you know how to grow the perfect flower in your front yard?. In just few clicks, you can find the right solution for you. Make your garden a miracle of nature and support the environment.


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